Founded by Lavae Mcclinnahan And Edward Walsh originally as Colure & Diamond, over time has become one of todays’ top boutique strategy firms in the United States. 


    Now simply dubbed as Colure& Our B2B partnerships are carefully curated to maintain our reputation as a premier lux-branding firm.  Colure and Diamond represent only the most prestigious spirits, clothing, electronics, telecommunication, auto manufacturers, and restaurants worldwide.  

    Colure& delivers targeted integration strategies for luxury brands looking for unique direct to consumer sales and marketing strategies.  Our strength is strategizing integrated product manufacturing and events, product design and placement, and direct to consumer marketing and consultation.

    "Colure& is a members only, business to business firm that assist small to large businesses with exclusive sales, marketing, and distribution strategies in the areas of electronics, clothing goods and accessories, retail, restaurants, wine and spirits, auto manufacturers, and other lifestyle brands."

We strive to exceed expectations, and boast an international portfolio of products for the most discerning clients, by PARTNERING WITH INTERNATIONAL BRAND AMBASSADORS TO IDENTIFY CONSUMERS THAT BEST REPRESENT THEIR BRAND AND PRODUCTS.

 Our boutique office is headquartered in Beautiful Southern California.